Dita Von Teese’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Seduction

Consider this official permission to do away with your inhibitions this Valentine’s Day: The first word in seduction, burlesque beauty Dita Von Teese, is here to provide a guide to giving him a holiday to remember. Shop her picks for seriously sexy gifts on Gilt, then get the skinny on becoming a total temptress.

Walk the walk. “Practice the elements of seduction in everyday life, in ways that feel pleasurable to you,” Dita says. “A maestra of seduction never looks as if she’s trying to be sexy, it seems as if she just is and relishes in pleasure. What are the things that make you feel sexy? Creating a sacred space to seduce, a lair of seduction, is a great place to start. Sumptuous, flattering lighting, music, scented candles that create warmth and a gorgeous glow. Indulging in beauty and pleasure for yourself makes it seem natural and effortless by the time you want to seduce someone else.”

Invest in dimmer switches. “Pink lighting is the most flattering,” Dita tells us. “I have dimmer switches in every single room in my house. Stay away from overhead lighting. The more soft, pale pink light you have coming  from various angles, the better your body will look. And don’t forget, he’s not judging your body. Men are happy to have a naked woman there. Any man who is judging your body in the bedroom should be promptly dumped!”

When in doubt, wear black lace. “I’m a big advocate of black lace. It’s elegant and flattering on every woman, it’s both erotic and classic. Buy very fine, perfectly fitting bras with two pairs of underwear and the garter belt for each bra. Invest in lingerie that works for both seduction and everyday life. And wear your underwear over your garter belt and stockings—it’s much more pracitcal!”

Show him what you like. “One way to avoid the dreaded lingerie-I’d-never-wear gift? Wear amazing lingerie all the time! Beat him to the punch and he won’t bother trying to put you in some cheap tacky getup.”

Cue the striptease classics. “Some standard striptease classics–’Feelin’ Good’ by Nina Simone, ‘The Silencers’ by Vikki Carr, ‘Purple Wail’ by Red Prysock, ‘The Stormy  Blues’ by Billie Holiday, and ‘Deshabille Moi’ by Juliette Greco.”


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4 Responses to Dita Von Teese’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Seduction

  1. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree …fabulous advice x

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great article love it thanks Dita and Gilt for this article.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t realize that Valentine day was all about a woman seducing and pleasing HIM the man. What about pleasing him pleasing HER the woman? I think it is far more challenging than seducing a guy. I think most of your male readers would agree with me and grapple for any advice

  4. Anonymous says:

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