Q+A with Ivanka Trump: Mogul, Model, & Gilt’s Mother’s Day Guru

ivanka trump mothers day

Her own mother happens to be one of the most glamorous women on the planet, so it’s no surprise Ivanka Trump has great taste in spades. “My mother was definitely a role model for me as I was growing up,” she says, “and still is today.” We tapped the mom of two to share her own picks for the best Mother’s Day gifts on Gilt—and to share her secrets for parenting in style. Read on, then shop her sale for a perfect present your mom will adore.

StyleFile: Talk about a mom who does it all–you have a serious career, jewelry, shoes, handbags, two adorable kids–what is your secret to juggling? Are you a serious scheduler, or do you just roll with the punches?
Ivanka Trump: I am a serious scheduler, but I’m also a realist. You have to be able to roll with the punches when you have a lot going on. There are nights that I have to unexpectedly stay very late at the office to get a deal done and then there are days I have to cancel a meeting because one of the kids gets sick and needs me. I don’t beat myself up when real life happens. I try to focus on making sure I am doing what needs to get done and prioritizing effectively. And, I try to ensure that my priorities are in line with my values as a professional and as a wife and parent.

SF: What’s the key to being chic while chasing after two munchkins? Any particular pieces you wear over and over again to be comfy and look good?
IT: I wear Ivanka Trump shoes every day. They look great and I can actually walk in them. I run all over the City during the day and chase my 2-year old around at night, so I am on my feet all the time.

SF: How would you describe your personal style? Has motherhood changed it at all?
IT: My style is classic with a modern twist. Motherhood hasn’t changed my style, although I do often find myself being accessorized by Arabella a lot these days. So, if you see me wearing a hot pink bow in my hair, you’ll know why.

I dress the way most modern professional women do. I want to feel polished and chic but I have to find looks that allow me to transition seamlessly throughout the day among my roles of as an executive, mother and a wife. It’s just not practical or realistic anymore to be able to run home and change or bring an extra outfit to the office, so when I get dressed in the morning, I have to find an outfit that will transition with me, not matter what may come up that day.

SF: How would you describe your kids’ style? Do you dress Arabella like you dress yourself? Do you dress Joseph like Jared?
IT: Arabella has already developed her own sense of style, and that style is what I call “all things pink.” She is also a big fan of wearing princess costumes. I don’t dress her like me in general, but I just launched a line of children’s shoes, and she does like to wear those because it makes her feel like she’s wearing shoes like mine. She also loves to playing dress-up with my jewelry.  Joseph is still in onsies, so no, he isn’t dressing like Jared!

SF: What are some of your favorite labels for both yourself and your kids
Like most women now, I mix highs and lows. For designer, I love Joseph Altuzarra, J Mendel, Prabal Gurung, Jason Wu, Cèline, and Oscar de la Renta. They all know how to dress a woman and  makes her feel beautiful and polished. On the accessible front, I love Zara and River Island and of course, my own my line.

SF: Your own mom is so insanely stylish…what’s the best fashion advice she ever gave you? Do you think your love of fashion is partly due to her? Will you pass the same passion onto your daughter?
IT: My mother was definitely a role model for me as I was growing up and still is today. When I was young, she was very involved in our real estate business. She oversaw the restoration of The Plaza and she afterwards ran that hotel. Even though she was constantly on the go and extremely busy, she always looked amazing and carried herself with grace. My mother was definitely the fashion archetype of working women in the 80s: the power suit complete with synched waist and shoulder pads. Most young professional women dress differently today. We wear dresses, softer silhouettes, lots of color. It’s okay to be feminine in an office environment now. Who knows what women will be wearing 20 years from now when Arabella joins the workforce. My hope for her, whether she develops a love for fashion or not, is that she is confident, strong and carries herself with ease and confidence. Those qualities are what really makes a woman fashionable.

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