Fit for Royalty: Get to Know It Brit Label L.K. Bennett


Kate Middleton’s personal style is nothing short of a world-wide obsession — after all, the young Duchess of Cambridge’s every move is painstakingly documented, celebrated, and critiqued. Luckily for the masses with a laser focus on her fashions, Middleton has staked her claim as the most relatable royal. Even with a slew of haute British labels at her beck and call (Alexander McQueen, Erdem, Stella McCartney), Middleton maintains her girl-next-door appeal by stepping out in more affordable pieces from London’s high-street shops. Her front-runner favorite? The ultra-ladylike L.K. Bennett, which debuts on Gilt today. Designer Linda Bennett’s namesake line is practically made for ladies who share the Duchess’ classic-yet-modern sensibility. Middleton is often spotted in the label’s crisply tailored sheath dresses and blazers (see the blue and white floral and dark turquoise numbers above), and L.K. Bennett’s polished pumps are her wardrobe’s MVPs — she’s worn the nude patent leather ‘Sledge’ heel with absolutely everything. Fascinators off to a powerful celeb who recycles her go-to looks. Take a page from Middleton’s book and shop L.K. Bennett’s elegant apparel and shoes now.

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34 Responses to Fit for Royalty: Get to Know It Brit Label L.K. Bennett

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love Kate Middleton!……she is always dressed to the gilt! So perfect! I wish there were more fashion icons using her style because I seem to think that she is "the one" all women must be eying now because of her clothes/style. Kate’s dresses are always smashing, with an occasional dress here and there that may look too "royal" for your regular gal next door, but most of her are SUPERB!… wish I could find these styles easier on line or elsewhere for that matter.
    GREAT KATE! that’s what I think.

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