The Perfect Arm Party: Layering Tips From the Chan Luu Team

The best way to accessorize your effortlessly cool summer look? With an arm party, of course. From delicate wraps to bold cuffs, the arm party is all about layering, and who better to go to for stacking advice than the experts at Chan Luu Jewelry (on Gilt today!)? Meet Tessa, Victoria, MaCenna, and Katherine, and steal their tried and true tips for mastering the ultimate mix-and-match look.

Chan Luu, Tessa“The perfect arm party for me is stacking neutral singles and wrap bracelets and a pop of color!” – Tessa Tran, Senior Jewelry Designer

Chan Luu, Victoria

“To create my perfect arm party I need to have a lot of attendees!  I like layering all different styles of bracelets to create texture and variety.  I think you need to mix a five-wrap with a few singles, bangles and keep the color scheme similar so your party is pleasing to the eye!”  – Victoria Salisbury, Senior RTW Designer

Chan Luu, MaCenna

“It’s always good to have some go-to singles that can be versatile and easily incorporated into different arm parties. I am a big fan of silver, so most of my go-to singles are silver bangles. Then, depending on my color palette for the day, I select a wrap bracelet (or two) that complements and I am go to go!” – MaCenna Derouen, Marketing, E-commerce and Social Media Director

Chan Luu, Katherine “I love mixing detailed styles together for added interest.” – Katherine Delgado, Lead Graphic Designer

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