Bold Summer Beauty: Tips from Top Makeup Artistry Brand Laura Mercier

lmercier4The best part about beauty rules these days? There are none — especially when it comes to color. And much like traditional sun-kissed highlights have made way for turquoise dip-dyes and lavender ombré fades, barely-there makeup takes a backseat this summer to usher in a fresh color palette that’s hotter than the rising temps. Surprise yourself with bold blues, playful teals, and on-trend purples. For those ready to embrace a more vibrant look, A-list makeup artistry brand, Laura Mercier (whose coveted cosmetics are on Gilt today), gave us the scoop on how to go bold and pull it off flawlessly.

Start off skin deep:  “Look at your veins. If your veins appear more blue-ish, you’re cool-toned and should pick blues, fuchsias, and pinks. If your veins are blue-ish green, you’re neutral, and you can pick almost any shade. If your veins are green, you’re warm-toned and look best in bronzier shades,” says Alexis Comforti, Laura Mercier Global Makeup Artist.

Colors to crush on: “Blues are in this summer: bright blue, blue-green, jewel-tone blues. Also, sea-foam green colors look good on all skin tones.”

Match made in heaven: “You can match a red lip with your dress, but it should complement the colour of your wardrobe. For example, red lips look great with a white, black, or navy outfit. Or you can try fuchsia lips with an allover bronzed glow.”

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