5 Reasons a Birkin Bag is Well Worth the Investment

If you’ve been coveting an Hermès Birkin bag from afar, today is your lucky day. Starting at noon ET on Gilt, you’ll have access to exquisite vintage versions from New York’s appointment-only showroom Madison Avenue Couture. And while there are countless reasons to love a Birkin, here are five to remind you why buying one is a decision you won’t regret. (Shopping tip: Come back at 11:45 am, because these handbags will go quickly.)

Hermes Birkin Bag .1. They’re the ultimate status symbol: While years-long wait lists may be a thing of the past, the ultra-exclusive handbags still aren’t easy to come by, aren’t any less expensive, and are carried by the most stylish women in the world.

2. They’re truly one of a kind: Each bag is handcrafted by a single person in France, from start to finish.

3. They keep their value: Gently used Birkins resell for 80% to 120% of their original price.

4. They look even better with age: The high-quality leather, hardware, and techniques like pearling (nailing the hardware to the bags rather than screwing it on) and saddle stitching (even if a stitch or two comes out, the rest will stay in place and not unravel), help the bags age gracefully and stay in top shape over time.

 5. Even celebrities pay full price: Many luxury brands gift A-listers unlimited freebies, but not Hermès—making it even more legit when you see mega fans like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and Kate Moss carrying their favorites.

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One Response to 5 Reasons a Birkin Bag is Well Worth the Investment

  1. Antoinette says:

    These five reasons do not sell the consumer. You could have submitted a better entry as to why someone should want to purchase a birkin bag. Sell the product. Your entry was lazy.

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