Celebrate 20 Years of Groundbreaking Beauty with Bobbi Brown


We all remember our first Bobbi Brown Cosmetics purchase – from that revolutionary yellow-based foundation to getting our makeup done for our weddings by her incredible team of makeup artists. So we couldn’t be more excited to team up with Bobbi to celebrate the brand’s 20th Anniversary with a knockout sale of blockbuster products, including her taxi-ride inspired smokey eye kit (watch her at work above!). But before we start shopping, we wanted to highlight a few standout moments from the last twenty years. Did you know that…

– When Bobbi’s first line of ten lipsticks debuted at Bergdorf Goodman in 1991, she expected to sell 100 lipsticks in the first month, and ended up selling that many her very first day.

– In 1992, she revolutionized makeup by introducing yellow-based foundation sticks (as opposed to pink, heretofore the industry standard).

– Bobbi has written six books—Bobbi Brown Beauty (1996), Teenage Beauty (2000), Beauty Evolution (2002), Living Beauty (2007), Makeup Manual (2008) and Beauty Rules (2010) — nearly all of which were instant best-sellers.

Want to get in on some of that good stuff? Well, look no further: we have a greatest-hits selection of Bobbi Brown products, including a 20th Anniversary lip palette that celebrates Bobbi’s original collection of lipsticks as well as the award-winning gel eyeliner that debuted in 2001.

Log on November 9 at noon ET to shop Bobbi’s Blockbusters on Gilt.com.

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One Response to Celebrate 20 Years of Groundbreaking Beauty with Bobbi Brown

  1. Nabila says:

    What a fun video! I recently bought the party palette and the eyeshadows in it are great.

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