Winter Skincare Rx: Unexpected Tips from Top Beauty Experts

From plummeting temps to a serious lack of humidity, the cold-weather months aren’t exactly your skin’s best friend. Who better than our top beauty brands — from Dr. Brandt to Decleor Paris — to deliver the real scoop on how to stay glowing all season? Check out their can’t-miss tips below and get your hands on some of their most innovative and nourishing products in our Winter Skin Rx sale today.

> “Our best friend during the winter months? Facial oil. It helps speed up the skin’s healing process by creating a barrier over the skin, and rebalances and maintains hydration. Mix it in with your moisturizer, foundation or body lotion for an added boost of nourishment.”
– From the Amore Pacific team

> “Your winter skincare regimen all depends on your skin type, but you should always been sleeping with a humidifier in the room and even have one throughout the home.”
– From Dr. Brandt

> “Don’t let the cold weather fool you! We still need to protect our lips from the sun’s harmful rays. Our go-to lip treatment — specifically in the winter — gives us SPF protections and prevents against chapped lips.”
– From the Miracle Skin Transformer team

> “Coming from a long line of Italian beauties, our secret to beautiful, healthy, radiant skin is extra virgin olive oil. We use it to hydrate our bodies after bathing, apply a tiny drop in our hair to keep it shiny and fly-away free, and as a facial moisturizer to keep our skin moist and youthful.”
– From the AHAVA team

>”Because skin tends to feel more itchy and dry during the winter, switch to cosmetics and other products formulated for sensitive skin if you’re not already using them.  For example, try bathing with natural vegetable-based soaps and using hypoallergenic laundry detergents.”
– From Caroline Chu

> “As great as a hot shower feels coming in from the cold, it can actually dry out your skin. Bathe in a warm temperature with body wash rather than soap, or even add colloidal oatmeal to your bath. Always gently pat dry (don’t rub) and immediately apply an oil-based moisturizer, concentrating on feet, elbows and knees.”
– From the Decléor Paris team

> “Swap your morning cup of coffee for green tea. Potent antioxidants naturally detoxify your skin and  help fight free radicals.”
– From the Amore Pacific team

> “If you are using microdermabrasion, you should cut back how often you do this so you aren’t irritating the upper layer of the skin and decreasing the skin’s protective barrier which will increase water loss. ”
– From Dr. Brandt

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