3 Ways…To Flatter Your Figure

If you’re among the endless women who find trends kinda tricky–just how, exactly, are we supposed to wear harem pants while maintaining any sense of dignity!?–rejoice in the arrival of one of the season’s most universally flattering fashion moments. The illusion dress was all over the runways, and now, it’s on Gilt in our latest Spring Trend Alert sale. Here are three chic ways to wear it:

1. Carve out an hourglass with black: It’s one of the oldest–and easiest-to-execute–tricks in the book. If you want to appear more slender, choose a dress (like this one, $99) with black panels on the side to slim your hips, waist, and thighs.

2. Use piping to similar effect: You don’t need to be so obvious about your figure flattery trick–fine lines, like the piping on this dress ($129), will get the job done, too.

3. Let contours create the silhouette you want: Not a born Joan Holloway? Nobody really is! Fake it with contoured lines, like the one on this dress ($349), which essentially draw out the figure you wish you had. Emphasis on the waist–for most women, the smallest part of the body–will always make you look slimmer.

Ready to look your absolute best this spring? Shop our Spring Trend Alert: Ultra-Flattering Illusions sale now!

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