3 Pilates-Inspired Moves You Can Do at Your Desk (Yeah, Really!)

We’re one month into the New Year and it’s time for a little resolution pulse check. So if your get-fit plans for 2014 have quickly dwindled from daily gym visits and organic green juices to Netflix marathons in your comfiest workout gear, the team behind Rese Pilates (debuting on Gilt today) have three choice moves to help you seasoned multi-taskers keep the momentum going. Their mantra? “Move more and sit less.” And get this: You can master each of these easy maneuvers right at your desk (or in the privacy of a nearby conference room, of course).

Wall Sits
Lean against any wall and bend your knees while your feet are hips’ distance apart. Sink down until your knees are directly above your ankles. Tuck your tail bone under and push your core in towards your spine so that your back is firmly against the wall. Hold for 1 minute breathing deeply and focusing on the sensation of the muscles working together. Try and keep your face and neck relaxed as you breathe deeply through this vigorous pose. This works your quads and hamstrings while strengthening your core and energizing your body!

Seated Pigeon
This exercise stretches your hip muscles and is best done on days when you’re wearing pants. Sit on a chair and cross one ankle over the opposite knee at a right angle, keeping your feet flexed. Tilt forward with a straight spine. Repeat the other side.

Chair Squats
Stand in front of your chair with your feet at hips’ width apart. Place your hands on your hips, lower your bottom until it’s just above the seat, and sit down as slowly as possible. Do 20 repetitions. If this is too easy, try raising your arms above your head. Squats benefit your entire body, including deep within your core.

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