Endless Summer: Beachy Waves by Thairapy365

Photo c/o Fashion Gone Rogue

As far as things Gisele Bündchen has that we never will, the list is endless (hello, Tom Brady). But girlfriend’s beyond-perfect beach waves — in a league all their own — are easily within reach, thanks to Thairapy365’s tools and tips. We asked the team over there to dish on how to create a look to emulate the Brazilian supermodel. Their answer? You can do it all with the multi-tasking Tri-Curl 3-in-1 Clipless Curling Iron, made for nailing everything from retro ringlets to soft, romantic curls. Just follow their easy steps below:

1. Blow dry hair.
2. Divide hair into three sections. Pin the top two sections up and out of your way.
3. Take pieces of hair one by one, wrap around barrel down and away from your face, and hold for five seconds. Pro trick: For a more natural look, wrap hair in different directions around your face as you style.
4. Let down second and third sections and repeat.
5. Shake out curls using fingers.

Try your hand at more photo-finish styles with the expert tools and products on sale today.

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