Exclusive: Carrie Underwood Talks “Sound of Music”, Shares A Few Of Her Favorite Things

She has six Grammys, 15 million albums sold worldwide, and red carpet style to kill for…so what else could Carrie Underwood want? The chance to play Maria von Trapp in “The Sound of Music LIVE!” which she’ll get when NBC airs a live special of the musical on Thursday, December 5 at 8pm. To celebrate the appearance, Gilt asked Carrie to curate a sale inspired by a few of her favorite things—and give us the inside dish on landing the role of a lifetime.

StyleFile: How did you wind up with the role of Maria?
Carrie Underwood:
When I first heard NBC was doing this project, I remember thinking it was an incredibly exciting idea, as nobody does stuff like this. It’s a big production with a lot of work going into one night—live!  I’m so excited this opportunity happened to come my way through the producers and NBC, and have so much respect for the project and everyone involved.

SF: Did you watch the movie a lot growing up? Was there less learning to do with lines and music because you were already familiar with the material?
I did watch the movie a lot growing up—everybody knows those songs! Even the few who haven’t seen the movie are familiar with the songs. However, there was still a lot more to learn because the stage musical is different from the movie, and that’s the version we’re doing on live TV. I hope this show brings the stories and songs to a new generation so they can take them and do the same for the next.

SF: Any nerves about doing this live? How is theater different than the usual performances you give?
CU:  I’m used to doing live TV and live shows so that’s similar, and I think all of it will help. Though this is different because there is no live audience, so we won’t have that energy to feed off of. And of course another difference is that the live acting on TV will be new for a lot of us. There is so much talent among the cast and crew and we’ll be rehearsing up until the last minute, so hopefully it’ll be just like another run-through.

SF: What else did you do to prepare for the role?
CU: Over the summer I visited and toured Salzburg, Austria—being there and seeing the places where the story took place was really inspiring. Also, working with a terrific creative team has really helped me prepare—the music director, voice teachers, acting coach, choreographers, amazing directors and producers. There are way too many to list but they have all helped me prepare.

SF: Any other musical roles you’d like to take on? Has this project made you want to do more acting?
Singing country music is my first love, but I’m up for anything!

Check out a sneak peek of NBC’s “The Sound of Music LIVE!”, tune in on December 5 at 8pm, and shop a few of Carrie’s favorite things!  


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