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4D Cityscape's puzzles do much more than provide kids with a fun rainy-day activity — they offer valuable lessons in geography, architecture, and urban development. Inside every box, you'll find a patented three-layer puzzle: The first and second layers form the geographical map of a city, while the third layer turns into the cityscape. With the help of a time poster, kids and adults are challenged to add the city's buildings in chronological order according to the year they were built. As you complete the puzzle, it feels as though you're watching the city take shape right before your eyes!

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4D Puzzles

Recreate history in your living room! These puzzles challenge kids to reconstruct their favorite cities — like New York, London, and Paris — by adding building-shaped puzzle pieces onto a base in the order that the actual buildings were erected. In doing so, little minds get a lesson in geography, architecture, and urban development

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