A. Rudin

A. Rudin

A. Rudin furniture designs each chair, sofa, couch or bench in its top-tier collection to be both timeless and durable, perfect for livable luxury in the home or office. A. Rudin’s modern eye and old-world craftsmanship effortlessly mesh classic and contemporary styles, with hand-finished hardwood frames and hand-tufted fabric upholstery. The family-owned business has been based in Los Angeles for four generations, creating quietly elegant furniture all the while. The secret that really sets A. Rudin apart is that it escapes stuffy formalism entirely: While these pieces are undeniably elegant, they also possess an accessible, durable quality that makes them investments you can actually live with.

Past Sales Featuring A. Rudin

A. Rudin Francophile Style
SALE ENDED ON: August 10, 2012

Francophile Style

Treat your home to subtly Gallic-inspired style with these furnishings and accents. Start with some timeless, tailored seating pieces, then add rugs, lighting, and accents with pops of print and personality. Grab a few picks from this selection — and your surroundings will start taking on the vibe of that ultra-swank hotel in the 8th.
A. Rudin A Place for Your Feet
SALE ENDED ON: March 22, 2012

A Place for Your Feet

Give your room some sass, and your feet a rest, with one of the poufs or ottomans here (many have storage inside — perfect for controlling shoe clutter). Then tie the scheme together with a cowhide rug or a graphic carpet; their silky hides and hand-knotted piles are nice to pad around on.
A. Rudin Matters of the Hearth: Fireplaces & Beyond
SALE ENDED ON: March 8, 2012

Matters of the Hearth: Fireplaces & Beyond

Turn the concept of the traditional fireplace on its ear with these freestanding designs. Whether you choose a tabletop fireplace, an evocative antiqued-finish firepot, or a bright glass firebowl, you’ll be rewarded with a stylish — and eco-friendly — accent. We've also got some classic, clean-lined recliners, perfect for sitting and watching the flames flicker.
A. Rudin Places for Chatting by Deborah Needleman
SALE ENDED ON: January 28, 2012

Places for Chatting by Deborah Needleman

"If one third of our lives is spent in bed, then most of the other two thirds must be spent with our bottoms in a seat," writes Deborah Needleman in her book The Perfectly Imperfect Home: How to Decorate & Live Well. "This means that sofas and chairs may be the most important pieces of furniture in our repertoire." To that end, we've put together a panoply of seating pieces that’ll make that two-thirds as comfortable as possible. Also on offer are rugs, lamps, and tables to define a cozy area — perfect for getting together with a group or for just hanging out with your dog and watching made-for-TV movies.
A. Rudin Cozification by Deborah Needleman
SALE ENDED ON: January 14, 2012

Cozification by Deborah Needleman

Domino founding editor Deborah Needleman believes in the perfectly imperfect home: one that’s relaxed, comfortable, and reflects the homeowner's personality. To that end, she's coined a concept called "cozification": adding lighthearted, soft touches that truly make your house a home. Inspired by this concept, we’ve curated this selection of furniture, lighting and accessories. The goal? To inspire you to make a statement at home. We're also offering signed copies of Needleman's book The Perfectly Imperfect Home, each of which comes with an original print from the book's illustrator, Virginia Johnson. (For more on Cozification, see "Cozy Up" in our Features section.)
A. Rudin Get the Look: A Healthy House
SALE ENDED ON: January 9, 2012

Get the Look: A Healthy House

Out with the old and in with the new. Give your home a fresh start — and reflect your fresh, healthful new outlook — with this Feng-Shui-boosting collection of minimalist sofas, light-catching vases, fresh-smelling candles, and dehumidifiers. Still purging from New Year's Eve? We've got some high-performance blenders and juicers that'll jump-start your detox.
A. Rudin Mastering the Mix
SALE ENDED ON: December 19, 2011

Mastering the Mix

Traditional and modern design elements needn’t be adversaries; they can, in fact, be blended effortlessly. Start with an investment piece, like Payne Street’s antique Chinese buffet, with classic, clean lines. Then add accessories that exude modern flair, but don’t overwhelm; a single abstract art print (we love Jamie Drake’s Pop Color) or grouping of three sleek, sculptural vases will do the trick. The key is to create a mix that feels organic rather than jarring.

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