Arunashi co-founders Arun Bohra and his wife Ashita derive inspiration for their elegant jewelry collection from the rich culture and history of Jaipur — the architecturally stunning capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan, and Bohra's hometown. An eighth-generation designer, Bohra descends from a long line of jewelers commissioned by India’s royal families; their influence shines through in Arunashi's exquisite drop earrings, blue topaz necklaces, diamond stacking rings, and other designs. Arunashi has won several prestigious jewelry industry awards for its innovative use of unusually colored gemstones — think orange and pink sapphires, white topaz, and fuchsia rubellite-tourmaline — arranged in intriguing color combinations and set in 18- or 22-karat gold.

Past Sales Featuring Arunashi

Arunashi Fine Jewelry by Arunashi & Kevia
SALE ENDED ON: May 19, 2011

Fine Jewelry by Arunashi & Kevia

Combine Eastern exoticism with delicate romance and you get this lush jewelry mix. From Arunashi, find hammered gold bangles, vibrant cocktail rings, and earrings peppered with quartz, amethyst, sapphire, and more. From Kevia, an equally stunning selection of elaborate pendants and delicately wrought gold rings.
Arunashi Fine Jewelry by David Harris, Danni and More
SALE ENDED ON: April 10, 2011

Fine Jewelry by David Harris, Danni and More

Dangly drop earrings, dazzling cocktail rings, and hippie-chic beaded designs are just a few of the gems you’ll find in this something-for-everyone sale. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a special someone else, you're sure to find something that fits the sartorial bill.
Arunashi Splurge!
SALE ENDED ON: February 15, 2011


There's no crime in wanting the very best for those close to your heart. And even if there were, we'd be here as an accomplice. Go all out with our selection of luxurious items. These are gifts that won't soon be forgotten!
Arunashi Fine Jewelry by Vendoro, Loree Rodkin & Arunashi
SALE ENDED ON: February 2, 2011

Fine Jewelry by Vendoro, Loree Rodkin & Arunashi

If you're too lazy—or overworked, or underslept—to pull together inspired work ensembles, the right piece of jewelry is a great way to fake it. Fluid, organic shapes and re-imagined everyday items dominate this selection of statement finds, from a trio of designers whose works range from gorgeously understated to gloriously over the top.
Arunashi Ella Tein and Arunashi Fine Jewelry
SALE ENDED ON: November 29, 2010

Ella Tein and Arunashi Fine Jewelry

Combine Eastern exoticism with byzantine intricacy and you have this lush jewelry mix. From Arunashi, find sinuous earrings, with arabesque lines and enameled accents. Ella Tein presents a similarly dazzling selection with diamond and sapphire evil eyes, bejeweled Hamsa hands and other lovelies beset with multifaceted gems.
Arunashi Arunashi Jewelry
SALE ENDED ON: June 16, 2010

Arunashi Jewelry

Arunashi’s rich Indian heritage is evident in this luxe line of sumptuous jewelry. Drop earrings run extra long, which means that more brightly colored gems can hang from your ears than you ever thought possible — the rainbow cascade of tourmalines is especially impressive. From peridot-cluster pendants to oversize oval cabochon rings, this exotic selection is truly exquisite.

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