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Designer Kathryn Beach created her kids' cashmere clothing line Baby Bespoke after trying to find functional, classic cashmere knits for her own children and coming up empty-handed. Based in New York City, Baby Bespoke offers a refined collection of items made from thickly and finely gauged cashmere or 100% Peruvian pima cotton. A classic, restrained color palette of cream, pink, and periwinkle blue ties together each season of new Baby Bespoke items, which include comfy blankets, luxe coveralls, plush ankle booties, sleeping gowns with pearlized buttons, and scallop-edged socks and caps. Searching for a fashionably functional baby shower present? Kissy Kissy for Baby Bespoke gift sets each include a footless one-piece, hat, and bib to keep little ones both covered up and clean.