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The kind of healthy, glowing skin once attained only at the spa or the dermatologist’s office can now be achieved at home, of all places. Using four wavelengths of natural light and SequePulse technology, Baby Quasar brings you the most powerful, professional-quality devices available to consumers today. Whether it’s anti-aging or acne treatments you’re after, Baby Quasar’s natural-light therapy is gentle, safe, painless, and, most importantly, effective. Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, enlarged pores, and acne are gone — leaving behind only smoother, clearer, gorgeous skin.

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Sale Ended May 21, 2012

Baby Quasar

Get a year-round glow without leaving the house, thanks to the NASA-developed light therapy that powers these innovative at-home spa devices. Whether you’re looking for anti-aging therapy or trying to combat acne — or just hoping to look your absolute freshest — the high-tech products in this sale have your skin-care needs covered.

Sale Ended May 10, 2014

Baby Quasar: Light Therapy Devices

Get a flawless complexion at home with streamlined devices by Baby Quasar, powered by NASA-developed light therapy. Fine lines and wrinkles? Smoothed away with the gentle-yet-powerful red light. Blemishes and breakouts? Cleared up with the bacteria-fighting blue light. Click to watch the brand’s easy how-to-use video and score one of the high-tech tools for yourself below.

Sale Ended September 18, 2016

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Sale Ended August 08, 2014

75 Pro Beauty Tools

Get spa-worthy results with microdermabrasion brushes, toning devices, and more.