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Making sunglasses for action heroes is a niche market, but someone’s got to fill it. Enter Blinde Eyewear, the label that has designed shades for everyone from Angelina Jolie in <i>Lara Croft: Tomb Raider</i> to Keanu Reeves and his posse in <i>The Matrix</i> — not to mention the many off-duty superheroes lurking about Hollywood. Blinde Eyewear’s collection isn’t solely reserved for big-screen brawny types, however: modern-retro styles like the In Cahoots and the Bagel are super-stylish yet accessible, while many frames feature streamlined, subtle shapes. Founded by Richard Walker and Troy Schmidt, Blinde makes its glasses and sunglasses by hand; features such as beta-titanium core wire and seven-barrel, six-pin stainless steel hinges give each pair superior flexibility and durability. You might not be an action hero (yet), but that doesn't mean you shouldn't see the world through an action hero's specs.

Past Sales Featuring Blinde Eyewear

Sale Ended May 05, 2013

Blinde Eyewear

Some take their sunglass inspiration from Tom Cruise in Risky Business, while others’ tastes skew toward Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. This sale is for those in the latter category—literally. The guys behind Blinde have designed shades for a slew of action heroes, including Neo himself. This sale features a stylish selection of over-sized aviators, wrap around frames, and more.

Sale Ended December 27, 2010

Blinde Sunglasses

There’s more to Blinde Sunglasses than the Matrix model that Keanu Reeves made famous. Our sale offers a number of them, running the gamut from hip aviators to thick, rectangular frames in eye-popping red. Packed with all the technical details that any optical obsessive covets—beta-titanium core wire, tumble-polished frames—any of these shades would be a welcome addition to your collection.

Sale Ended January 28, 2013

Sunglasses: Featuring Emporio Armani

While you may not be hanging out in Clooney’s villa on Lake Como, the shades from this legendary Italian fashion house offer a bit of that European luxury. From the aviators that seem be worn by every stylish man in Florence to circular metal and rectangular frames and more, these glasses are less “Jersey Shore” and more Stylish Italian Gentleman.

Sale Ended April 22, 2011

Get the Look: Casual Friday

Guys, take note: Casual Friday is not an excuse to look sloppy on the job. Ditch those ill-fitting chinos and that oversize button-down, and step up your game with this selection of sharp, office-friendly picks. We’ve got trim trousers, fitted blazers, and handsome suede wingtips—plus a whole host of other stylish options. Just what you need to end the workweek in top form.