About Bomber

BOMBER is a newcomer to high-end ski manufacturing. They've created a unique small-lot process that allows them to add beautiful, unique designs to highly technical skis, which are used by the U.S. and Canadian national ski teams, and former Olympic gold medalist Picabo Street. All BOMBER skis are handcrafted in a small-race lab in Italy and are built by a master craftsmen with over 32 years of ski-building experience. BOMBER has created a skiing sensation unmatched in the industry. BOMBER B-1 is their complete line of world-cup quality race skis, which includes SL, GS, Super-G, and DH designs. Best described as "the real deal," B-1 provides super power, speed, responsiveness, and stability. The race technology BOMBER developed has been integrated into their other lines of skis.<br /> The A-10 world cup freestyle mogul ski was created with the input of the top athletes and coaches on the planet. The A-10 currently is under the foot of the mens and womens US National Champions and members of the US world cup freestyle team. This ski speaks for itself.<br /> The twin tip PeaceKeeper is a combo of both the B-1 world cup race ski and A-10 world cup freestyle mogul ski. FREERIDE WORLD TAKE NOTICE !!! the PeaceKeeper is here, no more trash allowed in our North American pipes and parks.<br /> Big mountain B-52 BOMBER needs no intro. If you live like us then you get it.... The B-52 is built for the athlete who is best described as a "LAST CALL FIRST TRACKS" skier. B-52 is available in 90mm or 120mm underfoot. You get it, so try to ride it... extreme athletes only allowed.<br /> The STEALTH BOMBER is the top all mountain handcrafted ski available. It destroys any condition you encounter (ice, powder, groomers, and the occasional race lane). The Stealth was built for our athletes who lay down the B-1 race ski in the morning then load and lock the Steath til dusk. This ski is a blast... enjoy the ride!