Gino Cenedese & Son’s colorful handcrafted vases, goblets and chandeliers combine age-old Murano-glass techniques with the company’s own creative history. Founded in 1946, this Venetian workshop collaborated with artists such as Marc Chagall and Luigi Scarpa Croce on production items, which are sold in boutiques worldwide, as well as one-off pieces, some of which have appeared at art events like the Venice Biennale. And although Cenedese may be best known for its range of Aquarium sculptures — large clear blocks of glass filled with suspended fish and seaweed — it also specializes in the Sommerso — or submerged — technique, which uses layers of contrasting- and/or complementary-colored glass.

Past Sales Featuring Cenedese

Cenedese Vases: Up to 80% Off
SALE ENDED ON: December 31, 2013

Vases: Up to 80% Off

You might just think of a tray as a mundane object used to hold things. We encourage a rethink. This collection goes way beyond function: Distinguished by color, texture, and sculptural lines, the items on offer here are the best of the best we’ve got.
Cenedese The Contemporary Table
SALE ENDED ON: September 27, 2013

The Contemporary Table

Set a sleek, sophisticated table for everything from quiet dinners at home to big get-togethers. These accents, with their inspired color, texture, and overall design, will hit just the right tone.
Cenedese The Stylish Coffee Table
SALE ENDED ON: August 29, 2013

The Stylish Coffee Table

Ah, the humble coffee table: It may look like a bit player, but it can make or break a room. These inspired accents, from candles to books, will add liveliness and personality to yours.
Cenedese Up to 90% Off: Decor & Tabletop
SALE ENDED ON: January 17, 2013

Up to 90% Off: Decor & Tabletop

So, you’ve had a little redecoration on your mind, but you aren’t sure where to start — nor do you want to spend a lot. Start here — we’ve got you covered with this wide selection of furnishings and accessories. And the best part? Major discounts.
Cenedese Almost Gone: Accessories
SALE ENDED ON: January 6, 2013

Almost Gone: Accessories

Glassware, vases, bookends, bowls, and a lot more: These decorative touches are artful, inspired, and more than a little luxe — but all have extremely limited quantities. So if you find something you love, click quick.
Cenedese Vases: Up to 80% Off
SALE ENDED ON: January 3, 2013

Vases: Up to 80% Off

A grouping of vases makes a stylish design statement — after all, the art is in the mix. Have fun blending different heights, colors, prints, and textures for a truly curated feel. We've got an extensive selection here to inspire your creativity.
Cenedese Home Decor Up to 80% Off
SALE ENDED ON: December 29, 2012

Home Decor Up to 80% Off

Vases, trays, votive holders, decorative boxes: In this luxe assortment of home decor and accents, you’ll doubtlessly find something that inspires you. And, at up to 80 percent off, they'll barely infringe on your budget.

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