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Chan Luu was born in Vietnam but moved to Boston in the early ‘70s to get her degree in business. Immediately thereafter, she pulled up roots again, heading across the country to L.A. to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer. By the late '70s, she’d opened her own boutique, and by the mid-'90s, she’d launched her own line of jewelry and accessories. Renowned for her ability to mix different materials and styles in a single piece, Luu built her reputation on women’s wares but now crafts a full line of men’s gear that brings a distinctly masculine edge to her signature aesthetic.

Past Sales Featuring Chan Luu Men’s

Sale Ended March 03, 2012

The Decorated Man: Jewelry & Cufflinks

Whether it’s the subtle glint of an expertly crafted cufflink by Zegna or the rakish charm of one of Chan Luu’s leather bracelets, every guy should embrace the opportunity to bring a little something extra to the sartorial table. Find your way to do it here, with smart, stylish jewelry and links by a host of great designers.

Sale Ended May 24, 2012

Summer Style Guide: Summer in the City

Keep your cool no matter the temperature with this collection of sunglasses, shorts, tanks, and a slew of other summer essentials. Grab that one piece you’ve been missing, or build an entire warm-weather wardrobe. It’s up to you.

Sale Ended April 14, 2012

Classic Cool: Leather Jackets, Jeans & More

The perfect leather jacket, slim jeans — these have been part of the cool guy uniform for more than half a century, and they look as good today as they ever did. Find your own take on the style here, and get ready for legions of fawning fans (or at least a few nods of appreciation next time you head downtown).

Sale Ended May 10, 2012

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