About Cuchara

Cuchara Jewelry is the sci-fi brainchild of Edilou Canedo, a designer based in Toronto, Canada. Cuchara’s playful statement necklaces, bold bracelets and edgy earrings add a retro-futuristic vibe to any outfit. Each piece of Cuchara Jewelry is handmade, but has an industrial feel: the perfect amalgamation of Canedo’s upbringing in British Columbia, with its signature combination of island boho chic and urban edginess. Cuchara, which means “spoon” in Spanish (the brand’s first collection was a series of statement necklaces made of vintage silver spoons) brings all kinds of fun to your outfit party: bold angles, big cuffs and chains in precious metals, rare gemstones and a space-opera vibe that is out of this world.