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Founded in 2009 by old college buddies Matt Gorton and Jon Contino, CXXVI Clothing Co. is an offshoot of Onetwentysix, Gorton and Contino’s NYC-based design studio. (For those of you keeping track at home, CXXVI are the Roman numerals for “126.") Turns out that the two are just as skilled at creating Americana-infused men’s denim button-up T-shirts, designer ties, hoodies, bags, and jewelry as they are at designing campaigns for their clients. In the few years since CXXVI Clothing Co.’s debut, the brand has found its way into tastemaking boutiques around the world. But given its stateside aesthetic, it’s only fitting that its collection is all American-made.

Past Sales Featuring CXXVI Clothing Co.

Sale Ended January 31, 2012

Tailgate Sunday: Hoodies, Jeans & Sneakers

You don’t actually have to be tailgating to wear the stylishly easygoing clothing and accessories in this massive game day-themed sale. The perfect hoodie, the perfect pair of jeans or sneakers — these are integral parts of your wardrobe. Then again, if you are tailgating, putting 'em all together certainly wouldn’t hurt matters.

Sale Ended June 20, 2012

Summer Trends: Bold Colors

From cobalt to kelly green, color is king this season. So get on board with the trend with this curated collection of stylish wardrobe essentials. From blazers and brogues to shirting and swim trunks, these picks are bright, bold, and the perfect way to embrace the warmer weather.

Sale Ended April 01, 2012

Spring Getaways: The City

From trim trousers and blazers for your uptown adventures to leather jackets and jeans for the downtown set, this sale has everything you need to stay stylish on a trip to the urban jungle — no matter your tastes. Stock up on picks from a host of great brands, then head over to Jetsetter to book that next vacation.

Sale Ended March 19, 2012

Weekend Wear

Sure, you can lose the tie when the weekend hits (though you don't have to), but that doesn’t mean it’s time to slip into your finest sweatsuit and pretend it’s proper clothing. Make sure your off-the-clock look is up to snuff with this collection of casual gear. It’s everything you need to keep that style kicking on Saturday and Sunday.