Domenico Vacca

Domenico Vacca

Crafted in Naples, Domenico Vacca’s impeccably handmade clothing and accessories adhere to Italy’s storied sartorial tradition of excellence. The brand’s wool men’s suits and tuxedos, cotton shirts, topcoats and jackets, and luxe women’s handbags and shoes are constructed from exceptional leathers and fabrics and feature the brand’s signature blend of classic yet contemporary Italian cuts. Founded in 2001, Domenico Vacca is the brainchild of its namesake, whose family has worked in the fashion business for decades. Along with his wife, Julie, Vacca has created a high-end clothing line that sets the bar high for other luxury labels.

Past Sales Featuring Domenico Vacca

Domenico Vacca Made in Italy
SALE ENDED ON: September 8, 2012

Made in Italy

It’s no secret that the Italians know how to design — and wear — a great suit. Same goes for shirts. And outerwear. And shoes. And . . . well, you see where we’re going here. Get your hands on some of the most stylish clothing and footwear in the world with this sale.
Domenico Vacca Style Upgrade: Office Attire
SALE ENDED ON: July 11, 2012

Style Upgrade: Office Attire

We’ve got everything you need to take your workday style to the next level right here in this sale. From sharp sport coats to top-notch footwear to all the accessories to tie your look together, everything on offer is designed to ensure you’re at your best when you’re on the job.
Domenico Vacca Sunday Night Steals
SALE ENDED ON: July 3, 2012

Sunday Night Steals

It’s Sunday night. The weekend is nearly over. But don’t despair — we’ve got a selection of top-notch gear to bring a little bit of extra joy to your evening. Scoop up a steal now and start your week off right.
Domenico Vacca Dress to Impress
SALE ENDED ON: July 2, 2012

Dress to Impress

The key to standing out at the office? Injecting a little personality into your businesswear. (Well, that and working hard.) And while we can’t deliver that big presentation on your behalf, we can — with this collection of smart workday essentials — make sure you look your best while you're giving it. Stock up here, and get ready for the inevitable deluge of compliments from your coworkers.
Domenico Vacca Suitably Dressed
SALE ENDED ON: June 28, 2012

Suitably Dressed

There is nothing in your wardrobe that matches the transformative power of a great suit, but even a great suit needs the right underpinnings and accessories to really shine. Get everything you need to look your best — from suiting to shirts to accessories — right here in this sale.
Domenico Vacca Trend Report: Desert Safari
SALE ENDED ON: May 17, 2012

Trend Report: Desert Safari

This season, it’s all about dusty-hued gear with a military edge. From safari shirts and rugged boots for the day to sharp, double-breasted jackets for the evening, the pieces in this sale are the perfect blend of form and function. Take you’re pick, and get ready to tackle summer in style.
Domenico Vacca Get Dressed Up: Suiting & Accessories
SALE ENDED ON: May 9, 2012

Get Dressed Up: Suiting & Accessories

A great suit is a force to be reckoned with, to be sure, but the story doesn’t end there. If you really want to turn things out properly you need the right accessories. Lucky for you, we’ve put all the ingredients together in this sale, so you can outfit yourself from collar to cuff.

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