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Though the company’s name is practically synonymous with boxing, Everlast initially started out as a swimwear brand when it launched back in 1910. It was that year that a seventeen-year-old Jacob Golomb first conceived of the company, but it wasn’t until a decade later that his passion for boxing was ignited by way of a chance meeting with famed fighter Jack Dempsey—who won the world heavyweight championship in a specially designed pair of Everlast gloves in 1919. Fast-forward to the modern age, and the brand has now conquered the market in 101 countries and is the first name in fitness gear for all things related to boxing and mixed martial arts.

Past Sales Featuring Everlast

Sale Ended November 25, 2010


Punching bags, a set of gloves, and a healthy bit of hand-eye coordination are all you need to kick off a new boxing regimen (or to jump-start the one you’ve let lapse). Our sale features an array of grappling, striking, and training gloves, in addition to both hang-able and stand-alone punching bags—all by the company whose name is synonymous with pugilism.

Sale Ended March 08, 2011

For the Fitness Enthusiast - 1/6/2011

Those who pursue a healthy lifestyle have dedicated themselves to constant improvement and achieving set goals—whether they be finishing a marathon or enhancing a tennis serve. Help them on their journey with this fantastic assortment of workout gear, exercise implements (running the gamut from jump ropes to treadmills), useful beauty products, and classes or personal training sessions. Whether intended for a fitness fanatic, or for a recreational athlete, these gifts will up their heart rate without any aerobics.

Sale Ended December 17, 2010

Stocking Stuffers - 12/15/2010

Sometimes the little things mean a lot. That’s the case with this collection of stuffers and Secret Santa gifts, which include jewelry, lingerie, cufflinks, ties, and candles.

Sale Ended May 08, 2011


Once in a great while, we wind up with a few items that don’t find their way to a good home. It’s tragic, we know. But not to worry: There’s a silver lining. Because now we’re offering them to you—at steeper-than-ever discounts—so we can make way for new gear. There are only a few of each item left, so you’d better move fast.