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Complete GLO Brilliant峨「 Whitening Set   with Maintenance Essentials
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GLO Science

Complete GLO Brilliant峨「 Whitening Set with Maintenance Essentials

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Description: Your smile, 5X whiter, in just 5 days without sensitivity! We've dramatically cut the time needed to get your teeth white and your smile bright. You won't experience sensitivity, no more long drawn out sessions at the dentist office, or the common problem of fast whitening regression.

WHAT IT IS: A groundbreaking, at-home teeth whitening system that uses innovative, patent-pending technology to deliver professional, clinically-proven, long-lasting results.


GLO Brilliant峨「 Personal Teeth Whitening Device, which consists of:

  • GLO Brilliant峨「 Whitening Mouthpiece and Case
  • GLO Brilliant峨「 Whitening Gels; Size: 1 set of G-Vials (10 pack, 40 applications)
  • Charging Dock
  • Power Cord
  • USB Power Plug
  • Lip Care
  • Travel Bag


  • Extra GLO Brilliant峨「 Whitening Gels; Size: 1 set of G-Vials (10 pack, 40 applications)
  • GLO峨「 Whitening Antioxidant Toothpaste in Superberry; Size: 5.0 fl oz
  • Everyday GLO峨「 Teeth Whitening Maintenance Pen

WHAT IT DOES: This kit gives you professional quality teeth whitening results at-home課モup to eight shade changes-with an average of five shades in five days with no sensitivity. The GLO Device, when used with the GLO Brilliant峨「 Whitening Gels and GLO Brilliant峨「 Whitening Mouthpiece, uses the patented Guided Light Optics Technology and illuminates with a brilliant blue light as it gently warms up. The light and heat accelerate the GLO Brilliant峨「 Whitening Gel giving you faster, longer-lasting results. You're in control, your smile can get as white and as bright as can be.

WHAT ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW: The key to GLO's innovation is the patent-pending GLO峨「 Whitening Mouthpiece課モwhich combines heat and light built directly into its closed system, form-fitting design. The GLO峨「 Control features an automatic, hands-free design, with pre-timed eight-minute session intervals for easy use. This device set includes 10 G-Vials, or 40 applications. Additional G-Vials can be purchased separately. The custom formulated GLO峨「 Whitening Gels feature a highly viscous, thixotropic whitening, 6% Hydrogen Peroxide gel that stays on teeth when applied with GLO's patent-pending G-Vial whitening gel delivery system. The GLO峨「 Whitening Gel goes on easily, stays put on your teeth, does not migrate onto the gums, and does not contain alcohol, which are leading causes of sensitivity. Each G-Vial contains enough whitening gel for 4 consecutive applications. To use the G-Vials, apply a thin layer over your teeth. After one full G-Vial application, you will get more familiar with the application process, making your next session even faster and easier.

GLO Brilliant峨「 Whitening Gels 課メ 10 G-Vials, 40 applications: Unique to GLO峨「, it is a highly viscous, thixotropic formula so when applied, it adheres to your teeth without getting on gums and other soft tissue, avoiding the sensitivity common with other whitening methods. Remove a G-Vial's cap and its perfectly shaped tip allows the gel to glide easily over teeth in one quick back-and-forth motion. After applying, use the GLO Brilliant峨「 Whitening Mouthpiece to activate the gel's whitening properties.

GLO峨「 Whitening Antioxidant Toothpaste: A revolutionary, multifunctional toothpaste combining the power of antioxidants, vitamins, and CoQ10 with natural whitening silicates for lasting results and a brighter, healthier smile. GLO峨「 Whitening Toothpaste features unique micro-capsules packed inside every application, bursting as you brush, continuously releasing active ingredients to promote gum health. Available in Superberry flavor (acai berry, blueberry, and pomegranate) for tasty, natural flavoring, it contains fluoride to help prevent tooth decay and is good for even the most sensitive teeth. The longer you brush, the better your results.

Everyday GLO峨「 Teeth Whitening Maintenance Pen: Keep your smile white and healthy while on the go with Everyday GLO峨「. The antioxidant and vitamin enriched formula instantly erases everyday stains from coffee, tea, and red wine while whitening and brightening teeth, promoting healthy gums, and freshening breath. Featuring a fresh mint flavor and designed in a sleek, chic package for anytime use, you can use it after meals or in between meetings with no brushing or rinsing necessary. Results amplify when you use daily and with your GLO Brilliant峨「 whitening sessions, instantly adding a high-gloss shine to your smile.

Brand: GLO Science