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Eric Carle Bundle

Harper Collins

Eric Carle Bundle

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Description: The Mixed-Up Chameleon:

The chameleon's life was not very exciting until the day it discovered it could change not only its color but its shape and size, too. When it saw the wonderful animals in the zoo, it immediately wanted to be like them and ended up like all of them at once- with hilarious results.

The Grouchy Ladybug:

A grouchy ladybug, looking for a fight, challenges everyone she meets regardless of their size or strength.

Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?:

Of course they do- just like me and you! From baby kangaroos, called joeys, to baby elephants, called calfs, every kind of animal has a mother. Inside this playful and colorful book you will see all sorts of different babies with their mothers, all with one thing in common: Their mothers love them very, very much - just like your mother loves you! Come right in and meet the family- the animal family, that is- in words and pictures by Eric Carle.

10 Little Rubber Ducks:

10 little rubber ducks overboard! Get swept away on a high-seas voyage of discovery with 10 little rubber ducks as they float to every part of the world. They all find adventure, but one duck finds something very special!


  • Author: Eric Carle
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Age Range: 2 to 6 years

Material: Hardcover

Brand: Harper Collins

Origin: Imported