Helly Hansen Apparel

About Helly Hansen Apparel

Yes, there are many brands that can talk about heritage, but few go back as far Norwegian brand Helly Hansen. Started in 1877 by sea captain Juell Hansen and his wife Maren Margarethe, the company originally became popular for its oilskin jackets and tarpaulins with rugged linen and then soaked in linseed oil. The company made a breakthrough in the mid 20th Century, developing the layering system, fleece and fiberpile for the jackets that have made the company an industry leader in outerwear ever since. Technological innovation has been the company’s guiding light as they’ve expanded into every kind of sports and outerwear, from waterproof ski jackets to hiking boots, to swimwear to bags and accessories. Helly Hansen is a brand that realizes that their future lies in innovating the world’s best sportswear, but understands the unbreakable connection to the workmanship of their hearty past.