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Back in 1892, brothers Robert and Charles Ingersoll founded one of the first American watch factories. Taking a page from Henry Ford’s book, they set up an automated production line, which allowed them to sell their timepieces for a remarkably low cost while maintaining accuracy. In the years that followed, Ingersoll developed quite the following, counting everyone from Mark Twain and Thomas Edison to Marilyn Monroe and, according to rumor, James Dean. (They also happened to make a run of wildly popular watches featuring a particular cartoon mouse.) Ownership of the brand is now in British hands, and Ingersoll’s wares have taken on a more sophisticated look for the modern age, but the values of reasonable cost and unerring accuracy still remain at the very core of the brand.

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Ingersoll Watches

This collection of watches from Ingersoll may have a thoroughly modern look — just check the tech-heavy chronographs in the mix—but the brand is informed by more than a century of watchmaking history. Combine that with a robust selection of styles and models and a commitment to attainable pricing, and you’ve got a recipe for timekeeping perfection.

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Watches: Up to 80% Off

What's better than owning a watch? Owning a stylish one. What's better than having a stylish one? Getting it at a great discount. From the exposed movements of Akribos to the classic Steinhausen analogs, upgrade your wrist game without breaking the bank.

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