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To produce his stunning wrist watches, Issey Miyake collaborates with industrial and product designers who share his love for clean lines, subtle elegance, and nature-inspired motifs. Miyake’s Twelve, a sleek design conceptualized by Naoto Fukasawa, forgoes numbers and other markings in favor of a 12-angled watch-face frame that indicates the hour. With three mini-dials embedded in the display, Fukasawa’s Trapezoid style is somewhat busier than the Twelve, yet keeps things relatively straightforward with easy-to-read minute markings and a plain black-and-white or bright salmon. The To, designed by Tokujin Yokiosha, tells time using three shifting concentric rings; his O style captures “the shape of water” with a clear band and an off-center watch face that appears as though it is floating in a clear puddle. With these and other designs, Miyake’s avant-garde timepiece collection — like his shoes, bags, perfumes, and clothing — represents the perfect balance of functionality and artistry.

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