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It didn't take long for Jacques Lemans, founded by brothers Alfred and Norbert Riedl in 1975, to make a name for itself as a leader in the watch industry. With styles ranging from sleek and steely to sporty, and with features including chronograph functioning and multi-time zone sundials, the Austrian brand has earned its reputation for quality time and time again—even being backed by Formula One Racing and the Union of European Football Associations.

Past Sales Featuring JACQUES LEMANS

Sale Ended October 07, 2013

Luxury Watches - 10/3/2013

Sleek, rocker-inspired wristwatches stay true to Westwood’s audacious reputation, while techno Rados, Breitling, Maurice Lacroix, and more will keep you looking money. From bold metallic bodies to matte-black faces, these watches are for the man who dares to be bold.

Sale Ended May 30, 2011

Strap Happy: Watches with Leather Bands

What better way to to elevate your style than with this selection of sharp timepieces from a slew of top watchmakers? Each one is equipped with a leather band for a touch of subtle sophistication. So go on and grab one, and make sure you’re looking your very best while you’re keeping an eye on the hour.

Sale Ended April 29, 2011

Swiss Watch Event

Yes, your phone has a clock. But do you really want to be the guy that has to check his Blackberry every time someone asks for the time? Of course you don’t. No one does. Step up your game with a proper timepiece from Swiss-made watches. Whether you’re looking for a burly diver or a sleek dress model, we’ve got you covered in this massive sale.

Sale Ended November 08, 2013

Watches Feat. J. Springs

Punch up your look with one of the stylish offerings from J.Springs, Morphic, Breitling, and more. Fusing modern design with functionality, these watches will seamlessly transition from the workday to your evening activities. Including chronographs with a variety of colored metallic faces and stylish, retro-inspired timepieces, you’ll suddenly find yourself hoping someone asks you the time so you can flash your wrist.