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Sale Ended May 30, 2015

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Sale Ended October 02, 2014

Affordable Hand-Painted Works by Art Excuse

Curate your own gallery look at home with hand-painted works from Art Excuse. It's an online marketplace for hand painted art; the folks there believe everyone should have the opportunity to own original art... and, to that end, the prices are amazingly good. How do they do it? They scour the globe for inspiring art, license artwork from emerging and established artists — and officially reproduce the art in their studio. The result? Inspiring images that will transform your space.

Sale Ended September 30, 2014

Word Art: Harvey Lynch & More

When you look carefully at the intricately patterned wall art from Harvey Lynch, you’ll realize that it’s actually just...words. Harvey Lynch's co-founder, Brian O'Hara, picks words and sayings he finds particularly insightful and compelling, such as “love,” “I am enough” and “know thyself,” or quotes from inspirational figures like Buddha, Socrates, Ram Das, and Winston Churchill. O’Hara, whose background is in fashion and set design, works closely and creatively with his wife, co-founder Melanie Currie O’Hara (both pictured in slideshow, left). They donate a portion of profits for the word art to the Seva Foundation, a charity devoted to helping preserve and restore sight around the world.