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Two moms founded Kids Konserve to help tackle the issue of environmental conservation one lunch at a time. Their whimsically-designed waste-free lunch kits and other reusable products are designed to minimize waste and to make eco-stewardship fun and simple. Kids Konserve's line of products also includes shopping bags, snack containers, thermoses, and "food kozys," which are brightly colored, reusable alternatives to plastic bags or tinfoil.

Past Sales Featuring Kids Konserve

Sale Ended December 16, 2011

Gear & Toys

With top names like JJ Cole and Egg in this selection of staff favorites, we've got all your newborn's needs covered. Find essentials like snug buntings, bib- and burp-cloth sets, and more!

Sale Ended April 26, 2011

Green & Gifted: Eco-Friendly Gifts

There's no reason a fantastic gift can't be great for the environment as well. In honor of Earth Day, we've rounded up a great selection of nature-friendly picks for all the people on your list—whether they're eco-minded themselves, or you'd just like to nudge them in the right direction.

Sale Ended April 24, 2011

Growing Green: Kee-Ka, Kids Conserve and more

April 22 comes but once a year, but you and your kids can go green year-round with the eco-friendly products in our specially curated sale. Whether you’re in the market for an unbleached, organic cotton onesie, a set of colorful toys made from repurposed materials, or a sustainable bamboo booster seat, this sale’s got everything you need to make it Earth Day every day.

Sale Ended April 25, 2011

Kids Konserve: Reusable Lunch Packs

They may not be eating as many greens as you'd like, but they can still go green at lunchtime with these cheery reusable lunch packs from Kids Konserve. We've got a great array of styles and sizes to help you find one that's the perfect fit for you and your little one.