Kindergarten Plus

Kindergarten Plus

In its line of children's furniture, Kindergarten Plus combines a designer's eye with the heart of a child. Bright colors, eye-catching motifs, and lighthearted animal characters give the line just the right balance of taste and exuberance. Artisans in both the United States and Southeast Asia embellish sturdy stools, cabinets, and chairs with whimsical, animal-themed graphics, making these items perfect showpieces for the nursery or playroom and companions for children. Such attention to quality ensures that Kindergarten Plus pieces will be around for a long time.

Past Sales Featuring Kindergarten Plus

Kindergarten Plus Mini Makeover: Kids' Room
SALE ENDED ON: March 17, 2014

Mini Makeover: Kids' Room

Unique accessories to liven up their space, from chalkboard decals to whimsical toy boxes.
Kindergarten Plus Fab Finds: Kids' Furnishings & Decor
SALE ENDED ON: November 18, 2013

Fab Finds: Kids' Furnishings & Decor

If you need to spice up your little one's space, you've come to the right place. Add some color to your kids' cove with quilts, bedding, and pillows; the beanbag chairs here will give them a comfy place to chill out. Having trouble keeping the room organized? Try the kid-friendly storage bins — they'll keep the bedroom in tip-top shape.
Kindergarten Plus Toy Shop
SALE ENDED ON: October 16, 2013

Toy Shop

The holidays are on the horizon — which means it's not too early stock up on toys. This sale includes creative finds that every kid will love — including 4D Cityscape multi-layer puzzles and Playforever Toys' cars and planes. Hope you have a lot of wrapping paper handy!
Kindergarten Plus Kindergarten Plus: Toddler Furniture
SALE ENDED ON: August 5, 2013

Kindergarten Plus: Toddler Furniture

Darling kids' furniture can turn a simple nursery into a truly enchanted space: Just take these stools, cabinets, toy boxes, and more festooned with race cars, animals, and fairies. Cute table-and-chair sets provide perfect stages for pretend tea parties, while colorful floor easels allow creative tykes to make chalkboard masterpieces.
Kindergarten Plus Kids' Corner: Decals, Beanbags & More
SALE ENDED ON: August 3, 2013

Kids' Corner: Decals, Beanbags & More

No child's room is complete without adorable accent pieces and charming decor. Little ones can sack out in beanbag chairs, store their toys in colorful bins, and brighten up their walls with removable decals — all available in this colorful selection.
Kindergarten Plus Deck Out Your Kid's Room
SALE ENDED ON: May 27, 2013

Deck Out Your Kid's Room

If you need to spice up your little one's space, you've come to the right place. Store toys in animal-themed canvas toy bins from 3 Sprouts, and make the abode snuggly with the softest blankets. Adorn the walls with removable decals — talk about an instant transformation!

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