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Japanese tradition informs every facet of Kyocera kitchenware, from its cutlery patterned after the gardens in Zen monasteries to the opal inlays in the handles of its pocketknives. Founded in Kyoto as a ceramics company, the brand has leveraged its expertise with the material, pioneering the use of ceramic knives that are stronger, sharper, and more lightweight than steel. (The blades also rust-resistant and will not alter the taste of food.) Today, Kyocera has a global reach, and its slicing, peeling, and paring knives have become the secret weapons of the world’s top chefs.

Past Sales Featuring Kyocera

Sale Ended June 20, 2016

Chef's Kitchen Feat. Anolon & Kyocera

High-quality essentials that'll inspire culinary success

Sale Ended March 31, 2016

Clean Cut: Cutlery & More feat. Kyocera

Well-made essentials that'll inspire you to up your culinary game

Sale Ended July 17, 2011

Kyocera Ceramic Knives

This ergonomic kitchenware uses proprietary, exclusive ceramic blades, which are not only stronger, sharper, and more lightweight than steel, but are also rust-resistant and do not alter the taste of food. Try the paring and Santoku knives: Oprah dubbed them some of her favorite things. A bevy of colorful slicers, peelers, and sharpeners fill out the offerings.

Sale Ended July 25, 2012

Kyocera Ceramic Knives & Kitchen Essentials

This Japanese company pioneered knives that use ceramic blades, which are stronger, sharper, and lighter than steel. Experience these ingenious knives for yourself with this sale. With their sleek lines and handles (many rendered in cheery colors), not only are these knives practical, they’re also pretty snazzy, if we do say so ourselves. There are options beyond the knives, too, from peelers to a coffee mill.

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