La Piccola Danza

About La Piccola Danza

Children’s clothing designer Nay Khoubnazar tiptoed into the baby clothes and accessories market with a tiny line of lush blankets and silk charmeuse gowns before jumping in head-first with Baby Nay, a full-fledged kidswear brand, in 1996. Launched in 2012, La Piccolo Danza is Khoubnazar’s latest creation — the younger sister of Baby Nay as well as the Big Citizen, Da Lil Guys, and Everyday Nay labels. With La Piccola Danza, Khoubnazar focuses on little girls with a collection of ultra-feminine dresses and shoes embellished with plenty of lace, pleats, tiered ruffles, and frills. La Piccola Danza has already become a favorite at Petite Parade (Kids’ Fashion Week) and appeared in <I>Vogue Bambini</i>.