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In crafting their exquisite enamel and sterling silver cufflinks and money clips, the team at Loma turns to the arts for inspiration. Geometric patterns, Art Deco shapes, Gothic medallions, and red Tudor roses are just a few of the stunning motifs represented in the highly imaginative collection by this Dallas-based accessories brand. Your shirtsleeve buttons have never looked better.

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Sale Ended September 25, 2011

LOMA & L2 Cufflinks

Thoughtfully rendered enamel-and-silver interpretations of art through the ages are the order of the day in this collection of fine cufflinks by LOMA and it’s imprint collection, L2. From deco flowers and oversize paisley to tracery inspired by Gothic architecture, these picks may not land your wrists in a museum, but they’ll come close.

Sale Ended May 21, 2010

Robert Graham & Loma Cufflinks

Alert your wristwatch that it will soon have some competition. Loma specializes in Art Deco-inspired enamel and sterling-silver cufflinks, including pieces inspired by the tracery in Gothic architecture. Or, if fabric-on-fabric is more your thing, Robert Graham's cufflinks use actual swatches from boldly patterned Robert Graham shirts.

Sale Ended August 28, 2010

Accessories Final Sale: Up to 90% Off

Here you'll find items from the large — a beautiful suede duffel bag from Luciano Barbera, a 16 x 20" from Sports Illustrated of Ali downing Patterson — to the small — cufflinks by Zegna and Link Up and more, leather goods from wallets to a sommelier kit complete with rosewood corkscrew. And then there are the shoes, then there are the ties, the belts, the sunglasses. In short, here you'll find everything but clothes.