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Sale Ended February 24, 2014

Moroccan-Inspired: Lighting & Art

Moroccan style is known for its rich colors and mix of complex patterns and textures … it’s a look that’s evocative of the past, with plenty of focus on hand-craftsmanship and history. To that end, these stylish designs will instantly enliven a room with their bold colors and energetic patterns. You can blend them into a Moroccan scheme if you already have one going, or use them as a colorful counterpoint to a more toned-down space.

Sale Ended January 19, 2014

Large-Scale Art - 1/16/2014

Don’t be afraid of big art … embrace it. These oversize works will work great in practically any space. And the wide range of motifs — from bold and bright to toned-down-naturalistic — will suit virtually any aesthetic.

Sale Ended August 18, 2014

Modern Foyer

As a first impression of your home, your foyer’s got to look good. To that end, these furnishings and accents' sophisticated, modern aesthetic will get your style bases more than covered. And a built-in bonus: They’ll also keep this easy-to-clutter-up space eminently organized.

Sale Ended May 26, 2014

Color Math: Navy + Pink + White

Perk up your space with the refreshingly preppy palette of blue, pink, and white. It's simple, sophisticated, and — when done right — timeless. To that end, we asked Elaine Griffin, one of the contestants on the new NBC show "American Dream Builders," how to make this palette work — and she answered with her inimitable mix of wit and practicality. Find these easy-to-incorporate tips on Gilt Home's blog, The Fifth Floor (link in "Home" tab above), where you'll learn how to master this always-chic color combo in a way that enhances — and elevates — your personal style, and makes your space pop with personality, wit, and sophistication.

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