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Since 1991, Long Island City-based designer Ally Rosson has specialized in artisan-crafted bath accessories. Each piece is hand-enameled or electroplated with precious metals, and then intensely detailed with stones and ornaments. (One wastebasket can take up to five days to produce!) The resulting product is more art than mass-market good, something that has attracted top-drawer stores including Gracious Home in New York, and Selfridges and Harrods in the U.K.

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Luxe Bath: Feat. Jamie Drake for Labrazel

Designer Jamie Drake meshes boldness and glamour in all his work, from Madonna's L.A. residence to multiple projects for mogul (and former New York City mayor) Michael Bloomberg. One of his hallmarks is his use of bright, noticeable color throughout homes ... and the bath is never left out. "Designing bathrooms is an exciting opportunity to bring intrigue through a complex mix of materials," notes Drake. To that end, this selection of luxe bath essentials includes his designs for bath company Labrazel (the ones under the brand name Jamie Drake for Labrazel, below). They show his attention to texture and luxury; materials including stingray, pewter and marble set an elegant, energetic tone.