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Back in 1842 was when Peugeot Swissmar invented the first peppermill, and they've been kitchenware innovators ever since. With more than 160 years of experience making peppermills made of case hardened steel, Peugeot Swissmar mills are specially designed to crack the peppercorns before they grind the pepper, creating unparalleled flavor. In addition to their peppermill collection, Peugeot has embraces another element of French gastronomy with the its line of nutcrackers, decanters, tasting glasses and wine accessories.

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Sale Ended March 10, 2011

Peugeot & Swissmar: Dining Essentials - 3/8/2011

Peugeot invented the first pepper mill in 1842, and that machine’s oft-copied grinding mechanisms—which create seasonings with unparalleled flavor—have been the envy of the industry ever since. Find multiple styles here, including the transparent Malaga and wood-and-copper Chateauneuf shakers. Also check out Swissmark’s chic cast-iron fondue set and the Wenger knives, which are made in Switzerland from corrosion-, stain-, and acid-resistant steel.

Sale Ended March 12, 2011

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Peugeot & Swissmar

Salt and pepper are the most basic of seasonings, but mess them up and your nana’s pasta sauce will taste more like Chef Boyardee’s. Prevent the unthinkable with these professional mills from Peugeot. Their patented, hardened-steel gears crush the peppercorns or salt rocks before grinding them, which releases their optimum flavor and gives you the perfect consistency and texture every time.

Sale Ended June 06, 2011

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