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Randolph Engineering started in 1972, when two engineers decided to design and build optical tools and machinery for the trade. Before long, they’d decided to branch out, and began crafting top-notch eyewear using the very gear they designed. And it’s a good thing they did, because they just happened to be as skilled at making sunglasses as they were at making the stuff involved in their manufacture. The military took early notice, and in 1982 Randolph Engineering became the prime contractor for aviator glasses for the U.S. Department of Defense. By the 90’s, RE had grown into something of a cult hit, and expanded to offer a full line of commercial products, revered as much for their distinctive styling — the squared-off aviator is a perennial favorite — as their unmatched quality. Now, they’re still making everything at their home base in Randolph, MA, and they’ve become the sunglasses of choice for everyone from career pilots to designer Michael Bastian.

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