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Looking for chairs for your home theater? Or need a place to store your stereo? Salamander has the furniture solution for you. The company’s stylish, sophisticated, and supremely constructed A/V furnishings and seating boast plenty of practical features—including built-in ventilation louvers to keep equipment cool. They’re ideal for cinephiles or anyone seeking to incorporate music and video equipment seamlessly into her decor.

Past Sales Featuring Salamander

Sale Ended December 30, 2010

Salamander Home Theater

The stylish furniture is an ideal solution for incorporating music and video equipment seamlessly into your decor. Stash those stereo components in one of the double- or triple-wide cabinets, which feature built-in ventilation louvers to keep the machines cool. And get the TV off the counter with the PilotMotion motorized wall mount.

Sale Ended June 01, 2012

The Stylish Media Room

Upgrade your TV room with decor that’ll enhance your viewing experience. Kick back with these theater-style chairs, and stash your stereo components in a stylish media console. And, if you’re short on space, choose one of these wall mounts to hoist your TV right to eye level.

Sale Ended February 11, 2012

I'm Looking For: Stylish Storage

For a room to appear well designed, storage is essential. After all, even the most well-outfitted room can’t hide the ill effects of random tchotchkes, receipts, and doggie chew toys lying around. That’s where this selection of boxes, bins, baskets, and more comes in. And the items on offer aren't just clutter-concealers — they're design statements in their own right.

Sale Ended December 15, 2011

Man Cave Essentials

So, you’re trying to curate your very own man cave, but you need a little help moving beyond the shot glasses and sports car poster. We’re here for you. This collection is filled with thought-starters, from the big things (like billiard tables and club chairs), right down to the details: elegant accessories like R & Y Augousti’s boxes in exotic materials like malachite and watersnake, and a sleek, silvery take on a bull’s head trophy.