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The name Seize sur Vingt is a jokey reference to the French equivalent of a B-minus in school—16 out of 20—but the shirting from this Manhattan clothier is anything but cut-rate. Former Wall Streeter James Jurney and his wife, Gwen, started selling made-to-measure shirts from a stylish Nolita boutique back in 1998, and the duo have since added off-the-rack shirts and custom suiting. From vivid plaids to elegant solids, SSV uses Egyptian cotton—occasionally blended with silk, cashmere or linen—that is woven at family-run workshops and mills in Italy, Switzerland, Portugal and Spain. The results? Dress shirts and knits that are equally popular among downtown creative types as they are among Jurney’s former colleagues in the upper echelons of finance.

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Sale Ended March 03, 2012

Shirts & Ties

There’s no doubt you can do a lot with your look just by playing with your shirt and tie combinations. You just need the right raw ingredients. Luckily, we've got you covered in this sale. Stock up, and start mixing it up with any of these great picks.

Sale Ended May 07, 2012

Dress to Impress

The key to standing out at the office? Injecting a little personality into your businesswear. (Well, that and working hard.) And while we can’t deliver that big presentation on your behalf, we can — with this collection of suiting, footwear, accessories, and more — make sure you look your best while you're giving it. Stock up here, and get ready for the inevitable deluge of compliments from your coworkers.

Sale Ended August 02, 2010

Seize sur Vingt

Build a strong shirt foundation with these cotton beauties. Every element in these dress shirts are hallmarks of quality, from Egyptian cottons milled in Italy, Portugal and Switzerland to mother-of-pearl buttons to, of paramount importance, an attentive handmade construction in limited production quantities. For those looking to expand into sweater territory, check out the vibrant blue cashmere V-neck and gray sweater vest.

Sale Ended September 27, 2010

Wall Street: Suits, Shirts, Ties & More

Tomorrow, after nearly a quarter of a century, Gordon Gekko returns to the screen in Money Never Sleeps, the much-awaited sequel to Wall Street. Greed may or may not be good, but dressing well is. This range of high end suits, shirts and ties bring all the bespoke sartorial splendor of Mr. Gekko to your closet. From Italian icons like Isaia and Luigi Bianchi Mantova to US-based masters like Martin Greenfield, stop by this sale and head down the the Street. You'll be a BSD, guaranteed.