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For 500 years the German company Spiegelau has produced glassware and accessories that have graced royal courts and dinner tables alike. Such a wealth of experience allows Spiegelau to create stemware extraordinarily suited to enhancing a grape’s body and bouquet—whether it be a generous bowl to unlock a full-bodied Bordeaux, or a more fluted shape to concentrate a delicate champagne. Storied history aside, Spiegelau continues to innovate technically and aesthetically, recently developing a line of “extremely dishwasher-safe” wine glasses and eliminating the seam between the bowl and stem for an even more elegant silhouette.

Past Sales Featuring Spiegelau

Sale Ended September 24, 2013

Celebrate Oktoberfest

From beer mugs to stylish serveware, these standout designs are perfectly cut out for an Oktoberfest party. All you have to do now is curate the perfect brew-and-bites menu, and figure out who to invite over.

Sale Ended January 06, 2014

Restock Your Bar: Glassware & Accents

During all our holiday parties, it’s common for the bar to get de-stocked (i.e., stuff breaks). Restock your bar — and go beyond just replacing the old; instead, add something new — with these stylish glassware essentials and cocktail accessories.

Sale Ended December 19, 2010

Spiegelau Barware & Stemware

This German glassware company believes in the right vessel for the right tipple. So, profit from its 500 years of experience by enjoying a full-bodied Burgundy in its Vino Grande goblet: The generous bowl is specifically shaped to unlock the wine’s complex notes. Fans of white varietals will enjoy the fluted Festival and Authentis Casual options, while beer drinkers will toast the generously sized lager and pilsner barware.

Sale Ended December 22, 2013

Barware Essentials: Spiegelau, Nachtmann & More

From a beefy Bordeaux glass to an elegant serving bowl, this German glassware is some of the most sophisticated and timeless we’ve seen. It’ll make any occasion (or just an everyday meal) a special event.