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Since its founding 100 years ago, the artisans at the Steuben glassworks in Corning, New York, have earned worldwide acclaim through their incredible attention to detail and constantly updated roster of designs. These craftsmen are central to the Steuben process: It is they who liquefy the chunks of pure optical glass then individually form each piece using centuries-old tools and methods. After each item is created, it is slowly cooled in annealing ovens, then cut, polished, engraved by hand, and minutely inspected. If it passes the test, only then is it signed with a diamond-tipped pen. If not, it’s melted down, and the artisans must start again.

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Sale Ended February 28, 2011


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Sale Ended July 24, 2010

Noir: Steuben

Steuben’s artisans have been producing exquisite barware in the company’s Corning, New York, facility for over a century, using a unique formula that ensures the pieces are exceptionally pure and free of visual imperfections. See for yourself with the Neptune old-fashioned and highball glasses, which have a welcome heft, and the Tulip white-wine stemware, which boasts an elegant shape. The Petal Cut decanter is a perfect entertaining staple, as well as a great hostess gift. And the Tipsy Martini glass — well, it just anticipates a good time to come.

Sale Ended July 04, 2011

Barware and Accessories

You're passionate about your beverages, so why not have the same gusto for the goblets you drink them from? Keep your whites cool and preserve your unfinished bottles in the VinoVault Professional wine fridge. Pop a cork with our Rabbit corkscrew collection, and toast to summer with sophisticated Aurora wine glasses.

Sale Ended March 14, 2010

Steuben Glass

For those who take their beverages seriously, nothing less than the substantial weight of a Steuben glass will do. The old-fashioned style has significant presence, and a decidedly thirsty shape. And if you’re looking for a gift, look no further. The gift of wine glasses anticipates good times to come. We’d raise a glass to that.