Swarovski Figurines

Swarovski Figurines

It’s Swarovski’s world, and we’re all just living in it. Named after Czech glassmaker Daniel Swarovski — who in 1892 invented a glass-cutting machine that revolutionized the crystal-making industry — this Austrian company develops crystals used in every imaginable setting: precision binoculars, grinding tools, road reflectors, the chandeliers at the Palace of Versailles, clothing, interior fittings, Philips headphones and USB memory drives, art exhibitions, even crystal-based theme parks (Swarovski’s own Crystal Worlds facility in Wattens, Austria). Yet most people recognize Swarovski as the world’s leading designer of high-end crystal jewelry and decorative figurines. Launched in 1976, the label’s diverse collectibles line includes flowers, Christmas symbols, wildlife, the Chinese zodiac, and many other designs rendered in silver or lead crystal and finished off with colored accents. Through collaborations with household names such as Hello Kitty and Disney, Swarovski figurines have remained refreshing and on-trend. Picture frames, watches, eyeglasses, and beautifully packaged fragrances are some of Swarovski’s various other glittering products, which are so beloved that the company has created a special club for collectors: the hundreds-of-thousands-strong Crystal Society.

Past Sales Featuring Swarovski Figurines

Swarovski Figurines Swarovski Jewelry
SALE ENDED ON: February 15, 2011

Swarovski Jewelry

A woman should always have a few sparklers on hand for when life unexpectedly demands a little flash, and few things say "glam" like the glitz and glimmer of a bauble encrusted with Swarovski crystals. These sparklers come in an array of eclectic styles, from colorful pendant chains and rings to bib necklaces and dramatic chandelier earrings.
Swarovski Figurines Hard To Get
SALE ENDED ON: February 16, 2011

Hard To Get

Is your significant other more discerning than the average paramour? If so, only the most unique of gifts will do. See our selection of gorgeous books, in-demand restaurant reservations, and more—for finds that will have him (or her) raving about your ingenuity to anyone that will listen.
Swarovski Figurines Instant Makeover: Reinvent Your Coffee Table
SALE ENDED ON: January 21, 2011

Instant Makeover: Reinvent Your Coffee Table

Ah, the humble coffee table: It may look like a bit player, but it can make or break a room. Review your options at this sale, organized by looks corresponding to various personalities, such as the Fashionista, the Urban Cowboy, and the Rocker. We’ve also added books and accessories to coordinate with each style. They’re prefect for completing the tableau, or for adding a tweak to your existing pieces.
Swarovski Figurines Swarovski Jewelry
SALE ENDED ON: January 13, 2011

Swarovski Jewelry

Few things say "glam" like the glitz and glimmer of Swarovski crystals. These sparklers come in eclectic styles, from pendant chains and rings of organic-looking stones to whimsical figurines like butterflies, flowers, and bears. Sure to be snatched up in seconds is the bib necklace, comprised of rainbow-hued chandelier crystals and a delicate ring with dangling, teardrop-shaped stones.
Swarovski Figurines Modern Vintage: Bedding & Accessories
SALE ENDED ON: January 13, 2011

Modern Vintage: Bedding & Accessories

Craving something that's a little bit old and a little bit new? Then you're in luck with this sale, which offers a modern mash-up of time-tested materials, contemporary patterns, and classic color palettes. Choose from beauties like Kim Seybert's bubble martini glasses, Judy Ross' hand-knotted silk-and-wool rugs, and Molteni Home's linen duvet set, among other finds.
Swarovski Figurines Up to 80% Off: Home Final Sale
SALE ENDED ON: January 1, 2011

Up to 80% Off: Home Final Sale

There are deals…and then there are deals. So don’t miss out on this chance to snap up this amazing array of Italian sheets, chic decor, witty stationery, and pet accessories at unheard-of prices. Brands represented include Fazzini, Jack Cards, and Ella Dish.
Swarovski Figurines What You Really Wanted For Christmas
SALE ENDED ON: December 30, 2010

What You Really Wanted For Christmas

Sure, the socks your aunt gave you are nice, and that movie from your brother looks good. But give yourself the presents you were itching for with this edited collection of kitchenware, textiles, and decor. Choose from options like Assouline’s fashion and art book sets, Mauviel’s unparalleled copper pans, Sonoro’s Cubo CD/FM clock radio, and Molteni Home’s sumptuous wool throws.

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