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Graphic artist Howard Scott founded Verilux in 1956, after an eye problem led him to develop a fixture that simulated natural daylight. Scott quickly realized that the technology could not only heighten visual clarity, but also improve health and sanitation, so expanded its application. After years of research and innovation, his company, Verilux, now offers several types of therapeutic lamps, including skincare systems that are said to reverse the signs of aging and mood-enhancing lights intended to revitalize mind and spirit. The Vermont-based Verilux also produces UV-C lights for chemical-free disinfection of household surfaces.

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Light Therapy by Verilux

Whether you’re suffering from the winter doldrums or just looking for some extra illumination, these light-based products are sure to brighten your world. A favorite in cold climates, the HappyLight 6000 emits natural-spectrum rays that mimic sunlight and enhance your mood. Or make reading easier with the rechargeable task lamp; it’s energy-efficient and portable. Plus check out the sanitizing wands that will de-germ everything from your bed to your toothbrush.