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Though they only recently hit on European and American shores in 2008 thanks to a brand reboot, Warrior Footwear isn’t exactly short on history. The label was born in Shanghai, way back in 1935. What started as shoes for Chinese athletes became a household name by the '60s, '70s, and early '80s, with everyone from politicians to common folks sporting a pair of Warriors. Fast-forward back to the 21st Century, and the company’s simple, low-profile shoes have become favorites among Chinese alternative youths and Stateside style acolytes alike.

Past Sales Featuring Warrior Footwear

Sale Ended June 24, 2010

Warrior Footwear and Factory People

Inspired by the sneakers worn by midcentury Shanghai athletes, Warrior Footwear is both utilitarian and handsome. The white-and-red Court King sneakers are a great leap forward from Jack Purcells from the same time. Factory People’s T-shirts, meanwhile, are vaguely proletarian but strangely comfortable and definitely stylish.

Sale Ended November 19, 2010

Shoes In Your Size: 10 - 11/12/2010

As much as we here at Gilt love all of our sales, we can't argue with the instinctive logic of a shoe sale that give you quick access to all the great options we've got in your size. For all you size 10 members, we've got a great array of shoes by Cole Haan, Alexander McQueen, ALIFE, Paul Smith, and a ton of other celebrated designers. See a pair you like? We suspect they'll be a perfect fit.

Sale Ended September 20, 2010

Sneakers! - 9/16/2010

Rubber-soled style appears here in both formal and casual, classic and contemporary shapes. From the classic PF Flyers and PRO-Keds to the decidedly modern sneakers of Cushe, Clae and Gourmet, this massive sale has all you need when benchmade wingtips are too formal but a pair of beat up sneakers is too declassé

Sale Ended October 01, 2010

We've Got Your Shoe Size: 12 - 9/24/2010

From A. Testoni's haute Italian footwear to Zuriick's resolutely casual sneakers, the styles here range broadly but the size is just yours.