System Administration

Are you skillful at not letting people know that you are lazy?  Do you use tools to automate your tasks because you can’t be bothered?  Are you tired of doing things the same way because everyone said it is the way it has always been done?  Can you establish credibility with engineers by being technical and with non-techies by not being technical?  Do you like building open source systems and giving them names like Mothership, proving you are from another world?  If you are all of these things, read on to learn more about our Sys Admin team.


The System Administration team is composed of system engineers and administrators responsible for the architecture, build, design and maintenance of Gilt Groupe’s computing and storage infrastructure. The team works closely with business owners, engineers, and application development teams during the early phases of development to ensure solutions are consistent with the business strategies.   The Sys Admin team analyzes and tunes hardware/software configurations, automates existing manual processes, and identifies improvements to our existing tools.  We also wrote a data center management system in Python since there was not one that met our needs.


We like being a part of the Sys Admin team for the following:

  • consensus-based decision making with a high degree of autonomy
  • freedom to experiment in an open-minded environment
  • good balance between talking and doing
  • active open source and sysadmin community participation
  • cool tech, awesome people, free pants


If you find this exciting and have the following qualifications, apply to our team today:

  • ability to self-manage and interact with other business departments autonomously
  • strong problem solving skills (vs. extensive experience with particular technologies)
  • willingness and ability to document well


Below are some of the technologies we work with (directly or as support for):

  • linux (mostly centos), python, postgresql, bash, puppet, git, postfix, mailman, apache, xenserver, java, ruby, ldap, zeus traffic manager, zenoss, and amazon cloud services
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