Free Shipping 11/4/13

Receive free US standard shipping ("Free Shipping") on all orders, every time promo code FREESHIP is entered at checkout between 12:00am ET on 11/4/13 and 11:59pm ET on 11/4/13. The Free Shipping discount of $7.95 will be placed into your account at checkout. Customer will pay the difference between standard shipping and any alternative chosen method. Free Shipping cannot be combined with other offers. May be subject to product restrictions or exclusions.

Free Shipping may not be redeemed for a future purchase if the transaction is cancelled or item(s) are returned. Free Shipping is non-transferable and may only be used by the intended recipient. Free Shipping may be suspended or terminated at any time and is valid on Gilt iPhone App, iPad App, Android App and Mobile Web. iPhone App and iPad App must be up to date as of January 20, 2012 and Android App must be up to date as of February 13, 2012 to be applied to order.